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Register for our EU-MORE webinar #1: Boosting efficiency: EU-MORE’s policy review on replacing inefficient motors in industry and services

📆 20th June 2024 – online
⏰ 11:00 – 12:00 CEST

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🎤 We will welcome speakers from IEECP- Ivan Sangiorgio , Universidade de Coimbra – João Fong and DG Ener – Ronald Piers de Raveschoot.

Electric motors used in industrial applications often remain in service beyond their expected lifespan, limiting the benefits of newer, more efficient motors. The EU-MORE project aims to capitalize on the advantages of accelerating the replacement rate of old, inefficient motors by developing new policies. To achieve this, a review of past and current policies affecting industrial electric motors in the 27 EU Member States was conducted. The review includes 64 policy measures aimed at promoting the early replacement of motors to improve energy efficiency in industries. Each policy measure was characterized with details such as the national responsible authority, implementation timeline, available budget, and impacts on electricity savings and replaced industrial motors.

The review process relied on contributions from various country experts who provided a high-level perspective on the national policies under examination. The results show a strong prevalence of financial measures (subsidies and loans), followed by mandatory standards, fiscal measures, and voluntary agreements. The review also highlighted a significant lack of measures targeting trainings and information, deemed particularly relevant for industrial SMEs. Few national policies are incorporating systemic approaches to motor systems, such as including the supply and demand sides of motive power.

The review is complemented by an analysis of relevant motor policies implemented outside the European Union.

After the presentation, the participants can interact with the speakers and will be able to discuss policy measures that are needed to speed up the adoption of state-of-the-art electric motors in industry and services.