Accelerating early replacement of old inefficient electric motors in industry and the service sector

a LIFE-Project

EU-MORE is an acronym for
EUropean MOtor REnovation initiative.

This LIFE-Project aims to speed up replacement of old, inefficient electric motors in industry and the service sector. Electric motors tend to stay in service for 30 to 40 years, which is much longer than generally assumed. With swift action, this replacement rate could be improved. In the EU, replacing old motors faster would free up additional energy savings, on top of the savings potential of existing regulations, with all the associated benefits.

EU-MORE needs your help to improve motor replacement!

You are an expert in this field and we want to hear from you.
Please spare 10 minutes of your time and complete our survey (before mid Dec).

The adoption of highly efficient motors in industries and service sectors has been slower than expected. Accelerating the replacement of these outdated motors can unlock additional savings potential for your organization.
The purpose of this survey is to gather input directly from the field regarding the reasons behind the reluctance to replace inefficient motors.

We assure you that all responses will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.